LJ’s are carefully handcrafted for all time, seasons and every mood. Embellishments are delicate  and well sewn but may fall off with regular wear & tear. Little care of your lovely fine leather juttis will ensure their longer life to adorn your feet.

  1. Wrap your LJ in muslin cloth when not in use, muslin cloth helps in preserving shine &lustre of jutti.
  2. To soften & polish the leather (if at all required) line your jutti with mustard oil and leave overnight.
  3. Juttis with embroideries are recommended for dry clean only , while printed juttis are to wiped gently with damp cotton cloth and mild cleanser .
  4. For hard-to-go stains, it is better to get the jutti dry cleaned.
  5. If at all exposed to moisture, please dry them in sun for 2-3 hours before putting them back.
  6. There is no left or right in a new pair of juttis. Both jutti are same size and pattern but once worn, jutti will automatically take the shape of your feet.
  7. Since our shoes are made with genuine leather it is best to avoid getting them very wet.

For any other queries, just write in to us at info@loveforjutti.com,and we shall be happy to help.